My impressions on Ken Mai’s performance at Foro La Nabe



Ken Mai performance “Dhyana Meditation” (8:00 PM, Saturday November 26, 2016) was a refreshing recall of that Butoh of the great masters. He showed us the power of simple physical movements mixed with a deep inner connection.
I also could be a witness of how important is for this generation of Butohkas that initial link with German expressionist dance. In one moment I was confused mixing visual memories of that unique Mary Wigman’s The witch and Ken’s dark Dhyana ritual.

Even though, he wasn’t as touching as many others performers I’ve seen, but I really experienced his work as something full of magnetism and honesty. His unique fatless body and skilled movements (combination of a life doing gymnastics, yoga and martial arts) were a spectacle in themselves.

After the performance Jaime Soriano interviewed him, and we were almost listening to the words of Kazuo Ohno sensei in his speech: love, ancestors, nature, the newborn, contact, giving, emptiness, universe, no compromise but with honesty…

Lucky those who are taking his workshop at Foro La Nabe in Mexico City. The lineage of the masters are undoubtedly in him.

(Gustavo Thomas © 2016)


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